Produce: by many means

So, today was another one of those days where I force myself to produce. It’s as though I get uncomfortable with untested ideas rolling around in my head. Being a technical person and a technician at heart I struggle with giving my creativity an outlet.

And when the creation is technical in nature days like today become nights because I will not quit til whatever idea I had is fleshed out.

My latest creation shall remain untitled at the moment. It’s important to me to remain illusive because I don’t like attention. I find it distracting. This is except when I want attention. Lol.

When I have nights like these though I need to be totally secluded.

Here are a couple shots of the project. Can you guess what I’m working on??

Well I’ve got more work to do.

Until next time.

Put Yourself First

Row upon row of data. #excelhell

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